Wide range of Cannabis Clothing and Accessories.

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Our Story

Juvenilia Tiska was born in 2020 & founded by two best friends who took the inspiration from the exponentially growing cannabis movement  and with a desire of making a major impact on the industry. We at Juvenilia Tiska always keep a look out for the newest trending products to offer on our online headshop.

Our Clothing

We are looking to target consumers that are tired of the repetitiveness found in other stoner clothing brands, and who see cannabis as more than a plant, but rather a lifestyle. Being frustrated customers ourselves, we can never find trendy cannabis inspired designs. Our clothing take a minimal, clean, and innovative approach towards the world of cannabis clothing.

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Our Accessories

As the industry grows and cannabis usage is becoming more and more accepted, we spend lots of time handpicking our selection of Glass Pipes, Water pipe, Bubblers, Oil and Dab Rigs, to ensure that our products are made from the highest quality glass for your best shopping experience.

Through a compilation of cannabis inspired apparel, collaborations in the cannabis space, and cannabis accessories, and cannabis education based content, we look to not only provide our consumers with high-quality products, but we look to build a lifestyle around these products.We take the time to make sure that our Apparel is trending, our Smoking accessories are dope, and our customer service is unmatched. The cannabis community is very small, and we believe that as the world evolves the stigma surrounding cannabis will change. With a more accepting world will come more demand for quality Cannabis gear from a trusted brand, will always aim to provide our customers with quality service!

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